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Friday, 3 February 2012

Mirrored Love...

Hi everyone!

Yippee!!! Friday you beautiful thing!

Who agrees??

We have a winner for the lovely vintage pendant from www.shabbyapple.com!!

Thank you to all of you who entered.

Congrats to Catherine from Freddy and Petunia. By the way, did you see what she did for a jewellery "box"? Great idea, isn't it just?

Now , onto mirrors...

It never ceases to amaze me how much a mirror can contribute to making a room come alive!

When ever you have a space where you can't quite decide what to do, a mirror always seems to come to the rescue.

What will the home be without a mirror or two?

Like zillions of other people I have always dreamt of visiting the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles! Well, I did see it....

 BUT...only half of it!!!!

During our visit, the Hall of Mirrors was being renovated and half of it was covered in protective sails, much to our disappointment! Well, this means that I would have to make another trip, but next time, I will phone ahead and explain that the last time I visited it was a catastrophe and would they very much mind, delaying any restorative activities until I am done visiting!!! Not to much to ask, is it? Imagine me explaining all of that with the help of my French phrase book down the telephone line...

Look what I missed?

I simply did not get the full picture and it is most unsettling now, gazing in enchantment at the picture below!

Are you done waltzing in your ball gown?
Right now, I would waltz down there with the broom and my apron, no problem...sigh!

Well back home.... to Pinterest!

Not too shabby....

Love this glam look so much. Black and gold is always a dramatic combination but here it is a touch muted with great effect.

Antiqued and beautifully framed by more home jewels...

Imagine this room without those mirrors... it quite simply would not be as fab, although that panelling is quite gorgeous on its own, the mirrors accentuates it even more.

Oh my word, need I say any more??

Adore the shape of these beauties above.

How about these and the colour and how about that bath?

A great solution for the stairwell.

Bold and Beautiful!

Pure Moroccan Theatre!

Celebrations with mirrors...

Mr. Suave is so cool in this glam setting of the showrooms of Delos in Cape Town

A nook, a book and a mirror...

How cute and clever and romantic rolled into one.

Just an audible sigh,,,,,,

Over the top! But, fabulously so!

Understated and elegant

This is a wow for me!

The colour and light reflecting in the mirror would just beguile me endlessly!

I love this as well, but no where to hide in here, with all them mirrors! Um.. quite a lot of polishing as well and I for one will be doing the polishing at night so as not to see to many of my flaws...

Lets make a statement, shall we?

 Romancing the mirror...

....and when you run out of ideas, there is always the tennis rackets that could use a make over! 

Oh yes, do you remember the fabulous restaurant, Le Pré Catalan in Paris where we held our virtual New Year's Lunch?  ( click here) It would not be the same without those mirrors.

Incidentally, we will all be getting together again next Tuesday the 7 th Feb for another gorgeous  International Blog Party over at Splenderosa.

This time we are each hosting a dinner party and we have a guest list of famous people, dead or alive to invite. So, please join us for the fun next Tuesday.

That's it folks

Live Well



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  1. Congratulations to Catherine!
    Beautiful pictures...... I love the tennis rackets.


  2. Omgosh--Thanks Veronica!
    I L-U-V cameos!

  3. this post made me blissfully happy. Do it again! Do it again! =)

    found you via friendship friday!!

  4. Beautiful post....loooove mirrors and especially antique mirrors. Such beautiful rooms. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Thank you for o many beautiful images! I adore mirrors and don't think I've ever done a room without at least one. Wonderful pst!

  6. Your blog is always a feast for the eyes! Another beautiful post ands congratulations to the lucky winner of the beautiful pendant. I, too, am a 'mirror person' and I use them in the garden as well!

  7. I adore mirrors and all of your beautiful inspiration photos! Guess what? I saw Versailles Hall of Mirrors in all their total beauty! Splendid!

    Your posts are always so fun and I appreciate that you share a part of yourself at Potpourri Friday!

  8. Beautiful blog & post! Found you via Friendship Friday and I am also a friend of Marsha's @ Splenderosa!