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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Blog it Forward Series ~ The Enchanted Home

Hi dear friends!

I started blogging in May 2011 as a kind of birthday gift to myself and to find an outlet for all the ideas that were milling about my very active mind at the time.  Actually, I did not know much about blogs at all, so it was a major discovery for me. I know, I know, a wee bit behind the times, but here I am at last!

Like so many other bloggers, I made a very tentative entrance into blogging, wondering who on earth was going to read my scribblings?? Anyway, I wrote a post, and saved it to draft, deleted and thought, no ways, went to bed, got
back up, re-wrote it  and hovered nervously over the "Publish" button. Oh darn, I thought.... it could just be an on line, scrapbook, if nothing else....

Well, a few months later, and I was hooked, met some amazingly talented, generous and supportive people that I could ever imagine to find anywhere...I honestly did not expect to forge such close and wonderful friendships. Bloggers have such a generous spirit of caring and sharing. Whenever I got stuck on blogging jargon or techno stuff (phew!! lets not even go down that road!), all I did was ask and I got emails after email educating me!

So, I have decided to share some of those wonderful bloggers and their blogs with you and to give you a peek at who they really are. A Blog it Forward Series to share my blog love.

So, I compiled twenty random questions for them to answer and then, I selfishly reserved the best bit for myself...I got to select some of my favourite images from their blogs to share with you!

Well, someone had to do it! Might as well be me:)

First in my lineup...
 One of my favourite  ( we spell it like this over here!)blogs and a very special blogger!

Many of you will know her ....so without further ado, get ready to be enchanted and meet...

Tina from The Enchanted Home

I will include the link at the end of the post.

Tina's enchanting blog features the building and now the decorating of her dream home. I love the way she writes her blog and from the very first time I started reading it , I was hooked! Who wouldn't be... ? She also won the Blog on Fire Award and when you head over to her place, you will see why!

 She writes honestly, openly and from her heart sharing all her building dilemmas, choices, as well as small and large victories, milestones and of course her other  wonderful posts of where she finds her inspiration.

The  very very....Enchanted Home

So here goes...enjoy friends.

 How do you pamper your soul?

Knowing when to take time out when I am stressed or exhausted and doing something for me. Well, a vacation or getaway is the very first thing that comes to mind, but if that's not in the cards, then... it could mean taking the day "off", just staying home and totally relaxing, getting engrossed in a great new book, meeting up with a good friend, taking in a movie or play, having a quiet dinner with hubby, or a long walk with Teddy, and on occasion a little retail therapy doesn't hurt!

Above, is Teddy in his new dream lodgings. Please note Teddy's elegant water bowl! By the way, since, I too have a pug, don't you just love the fabric on Tina's chairs!

I am in love love with this room! The colours are magic, warm and all aglow!

 Name three things on your bucket list that you would like to do or that you have done.

Write a screenplay, live in Tuscany or Provence for a few weeks or even better, a month one summer with my family and start my own company (have a few ideas)

Sigh...of delight... I agree with Provence and Tuscany!!
PS: I often doodle on Google finding just the right spot to rent somewhere near Gordes or Siena. A gal may dream? When I do, Tina, you will get an invite for sure!!

Tina's Butler's Pantry equals....divine, delectable, delightful... and I could move into this room alone!

 What is on your bedside table?

Packing tape, Poland Spring, my watch,small frames with pictures of my family, iPhone, a few old Southern Accents and, The Chosen by Jerome Karabel (loved it) and The Paris Wife (waiting to be read)

A girl on the move...with that tape...lol!

This image is from a blog post that Tina did and I found it saved on my computer! I was in love with the wall treatment, and of course the rest is stunning as well.

Opulent elegance... 
 If you were a drink, what would you be?
Humm..good one! I will go with iced tea with a sprig of mint in a beautiful etched crystal glass.

Have a peek at the rest of Tina's treasures in various stages of being unpacked....here. I loved this post!

I just adore the brass light in this room. It just pops! Smart decorator!

 Secret indulgence?

Really? Here? Now? OK if I am to confess it is..chocolate, pasta, cheese, fresh crusty bread from the bakery, I could go on and on but chocolate is a big one.

Are you gasping in delight with me at this entrance?? I feel like breaking into a dance with a huge puffy ballgown here...

 Favourite decor shop?

Safavieh, D&D ( a building) and several antique stores and small boutiques in my area.

 Is that a staircase or what?

Your Favourite magazines?
Southern Accents, Traditional Home, Town and Country, Quest, Veranda and Vanity Fair.

 Please tell us which city you live in and then which is your dream destination.
Long Island, NY is where I live and for a dream destination to live in, it would be Napa Valley.

A winter wonderland...

What makes you laugh?
A lot... I love to laugh, funny things my kids say, my husband doing an imitation, a great movie or book, a cute commercial, or a friends running commentary of her life which is a reality show (she knows who she is)! Nothing like a good laugh....

Sweet intoxication...what does this phrase evoke in your mind?
I will scratch the very first thing that came to mind, but on a more serious note, walking through a beautiful garden filled to every inch with magnificent flowers in full bloom on a perfect spring day with a beautiful bench awaiting me to sit down and revel in the beauty, with just the sound of birds chirping announcing the arrival of spring!

Me thinks this kitchen is sweet intoxication enough!

Any hidden talent?
Hum..well I can act, and I can design clothes (preferably beautiful clothes and dresses) and have actually got many compliments when I wore them.. in my next life I might just pursue that!

Your signature dish in the kitchen?
Its a toss up between my linguine al vongele, Beef Bourguignon, Cologne's sauce and my chicken gumbo... hows that for a range:) Depends on which family member you ask!

What does luxury mean to you?
Being able to enjoy something to my hearts content and having the freedom to do what makes me happy. that's a luxury to me.

If I was to make a movie about you, who should I cast to play you?
Charlize Theron (for looks) and Sandra Bullock for her fun vivacious personality, Maybe you could cast both and make me a glamorous modern day "good" Sybil?

Thrilled that our local lass Charlize got the nod here...I would have a Oscar winner on my hands with that combination for sure...now what could I wear for the red carpet...?

I am giving you one day off from your daily responsibilities...what will you do?
Start with a freshly made cappuccino, take a long and leisurely bubble bath, read a little, enjoy a long decadent breakfast, hang out in the house in my cosy new cashmere robe for a bit, then head off to meet friends for a long leisurely lunch, maybe a little shopping for the house, come home, meet up with my family, go out for a lovely dinner (yes, long and leisurely) and come home to watch a movie in bed.

Can you imagine indulging in your ablutions in  here in candle light...?  

Summer evening are for...
Eating alfresco, bbq'ing, candles burning inside and out, lobster rolls, eating as much seafood as my heart desires, homemade brushetta with toasted crostini, a warm tomato  slice with a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt, going to a beach house for a few weeks and forgetting the word "routine" means, lacrosse tournaments, yummy summer cocktails, summer parties, bonfires at the beach with my kids and friends and informal get togethers.
Your favourite gadget or appliance?
Either my coffee maker ( can't live without it for a single day) or a washer and dryer ( I mean, can you seriously imagine having to wash clothes...ugh!)~

That is probably apart from this grand lady, above!

What influences your style?
Beauty, history, culture, nature and France.

Shoes or handbags?
Can I have both? Please!!! Given a choice, would have to go with handbags, I am a handbag junkie (husband will totally attest to this) but make no mistake I do love my shoes:)

A gal after my own heart... 

The best part of your day is...
...either right when I wake up and the house is asleep and I make my coffee, get on my comp, get to see the sun rise, or later at night, after taking a shower, getting into my favourite soft cotton PJ's and jumping into my delicious bed!

Now friend, let me  just say, that I have only just scratched the surface of Tina's gorgeous blog in this post. So please head on over to her place to continue being enchanted by the blog, the house, Teddy, but most of all by the lady herself! Please CLICK HERE and enjoy!

The best is yet to come as Tina settles into her home and begins to decorate. I for one, can't wait to continue this charming journey with Tina. By the way folks, one of the parts I am most looking forward to is to see what Tina has installed for her porch or rather loggia as I would like to call it! 

A huge big thank you to Tina for taking the time to participate in my new series. She is one busy lady but always enthusiastic and game for anything. Even though is is snowed under with boxes and heaven knows what else, she still found time to answer my twenty question! I am totally in awe of how this girl rolls!!

Wishing you many happy and wonderful years with your family in your new home. Congratulations on achieving enchantment, both in your home and on your blog and most of all thank you for taking us along for the ride and involving us in some of the decisions!

All the images in this post is from The Enchanted Home

Thank you for your company

Live Well



Please regale me with a comment in the comment box below....I am all ears! 


  1. Hi nice to find your blog through Enchanted Home. What a great interview, love all the pictures accompanying it, and of course of Tinas dream chateau! (and Teddy too). Loved learning more about Tina, she is someone I really admire, love her spirit, humor, and warmth and of course her fantastic taste. Love all she said about summer evenings and loving to laugh, me too. And I bet she will achieve all three of those things on her bucket list and then some.
    Am now following you.

  2. What a wonderful interview Tina! This was so refreshing to see some sides of you thayour readers haven't learned yet! I love to wake up make a cup of coffee too! Instead I take it to work with me and as I'm teaching my little 3rd graders I take small sips and it puts a little pep in my step! HAhaha! Have a great Monday girls! Love this blog!

  3. Great interview! I love what you had to say, great ideas for destressing, with you on a month in the European countryside. And my whole family knows I take my chocolate very seriously.
    Love all the pictures too, especially of your house which I never tire of seeing.
    Hope you both have a great Monday.

    1. Loved reading this interview and seeing all the pictures from Tina's new home. Nice seeing Teddy's spot in the breakfast room how cute. You have an absolutely beautiful blog so glad Tina is sending us over.

      Have a wonderful day to both of you!

  4. What a great interview and I must say Tina is very true to herself. I think I could have guessed what she would have answered just from following her blog. I love that about a person!

    One thing I learned...Tina lives on Long Island. For some reason I thought she was North of the city. Now I am wondering if she has an accent :)

    Love to you both for a great interview!

  5. Awsome interview. Tina if I could include one thing on your bucket list, please write a design book! I promise we would all buy it! Love the pictures including her unbelievable house. I am so happy Teddy got his 15 min of fame too. I agree wtih all you said about Tina, and happy to have discovered your blog through her. Happy to follow you now.

  6. How lovely to see Tina interviewed. We are all amazed at her house, but what I love is her writing - frank, open and down to earth, sounds like the sort of girl I'd love to lunch with!

  7. What a wonderful interview of one of our very most favorite bloggers. Love all of the gorgeous images, and of course Tina's amazing home. She is one of the most generous, funny, and kind people - think we could have answered her questions because she is so honest and open on her own blog. Thanks for a terrific way to start our week, Veronica and Tina!!

  8. Your post on the Enchanted Home was fantastic I will be following your blog for sure.

  9. I love Tina and I'm thrilled that she introduced you to us!! I am going to love your blog...I can already tell. What you wrote about blogging resonated with me as well. I started last January and had no idea the amazing journey it was going to take me on! Can't wait to read more of your blog and going to follow you everywhere!! Have a great day!

  10. Veronica,
    Tina has paid it forward in another way, as I have now discovered your lovely blog. I look forward to taking some time to read through your last year!
    I love your questions... They were wonderful, and the images from The Enchanted Home were, of course, stunning!!

  11. What a great interview, a joint effort by Veronica to ask such terrific questions and for Tina for compelling, humorous and honest answers! I am a new reader of blogs (only a few months) but can understand how they can get so addicting! I adore Tinas blog and try not to miss a single post and now I can see yours is another wonderful find, just as she said.
    Tina- loved getting to know you better, your perfect blend of humor, wit and honesty is a refreshing treat in a very phony world. You are "the real deal", thanks for bringing joy!
    Have a wonderful day to the two of you.

  12. Veronica, coming over from The Enchanted Home. This is one ofthe nicest interviews with the lovely Tina I have read!

    And of course she should start her own business! And I hope it means that I get to be a customer!

    I am so coming over for one of your summer parties, Tina! (:

    Warm hugs and Happy Monday to you both.


  13. Joining you from Enchanted Home....I can't wait to see more of what you have to offer..so amazingly gorgeous!

  14. Love the way you formatted your interview and posted the photos along the way!!

  15. Veronica, thank you so much for featuring Tina. She started her blog and wow it just exploded with popularity/ Her exquisite taste and eye for detail. Her new home is amazing!

    Art by Karena

  16. Beautiful blog, and I am so happy to have found your blog.
    I am also happy to learn even more about Tina! She is quite the busy and talented lady!
    I love these images. Can't wait to post on Tina's home.
    Happy Monday.

  17. Such a fun post Tina, especially the list of what is on your nightstand, that had me laughing aloud! And thank you Veronica for hosting Tina, it is a delightful way for me to be introduced to Tassels and Twigs, I will be back!

  18. Hi Veronica! I'm so happy to have found your blog and I am also an avid follower of Tina. Isn't she amazing??? I look forward to learning more about you and your wonderful design sense! Your format for your interview was quite clever. Have a great day!

  19. Hello Veronica, from Barbara in California! Isn't is amazing that we can make these wonderful connections, around the globe? Makes you realize we certainly have more in common than differences! I think our world leaders should start blogging! Ya think?

    Yes, Tina is a delightful person! She's got a "twinkle" in her eye...I just know it!...and such energy. With all of it, she's got a happy family. What else matters, if not for that?

    Great series questions, Veronica!

  20. What an enjoyable interview, loved it with all the wonderful pictures of Tina's out of this world home, I am in constant awe of the beauty! So happy I signed on today so I could discover your so beautiful blog. Great questions, so thank you for that and Tina, always so nice to get to know you a little bit more. And that Teddy is just too adorable.
    Thanks to both of you for this great post.

  21. Found you through Tina's blog. She is one of the most kindest bloggers. Her home is amazing and I love your interview.

  22. For those of us who love Tina and follow her blog, it was fun to get a greater insight into what she is like and what she likes. Thanks.

  23. Hi Veronica, I'm new to your blog and so happy I've found you! Great interview: I always love getting to know Tina better!

    Hey Tina! Your bed looks scrumptious! I really enjoyed your interview. Teddy looks like such a sweet boy!


  24. This was so fantastic, between the questions, the answers and the beautiful pictures...I was "wowed". Tina, its always fun getting to know you even more and there is no doubt about it, I would and could so easily be friends with you. I love you bucket list, and what you do to pamper your soul, all great ideas.Your home is my absolute dream home in every way but if I can't have it :) I am glad its going to someone incredibly real and kind hearted. I can feel it through all that you write.

    Veronica, so nice to be introduced to your gorgeous blog. I am going to follow you now! Thank you Tina and Veronica.

  25. Veronica...this is so BEAUTIFUL!! I love how you did this...fabulous job, so much fun for me to answer these questions and your format is fantastic, love all the pictures you incorporated (though I was cringing at the ones with stuff everywhere) please people know this is not how I normally live, everything is still "finding its place" and soooo happy Teddy got his billing!

    Thanks a million for allowing me to be the first one on this fabulous series of yours! Believe me the pleasure was all mine. And thanks to all the readers for taking the time to visit and leave such sweet comments. Veronica, you so summed up how wonderful blogging can be in your opening paragraph, I could not agree more about the speical kinship and the kindness of bloggers. I know one thing I am happy you decided to take the plunge and join blogland!!!! Love all you do!

  26. Hello Veronica

    Lovely to find your blog. As you new follower, I look forward to your visit and comments.

    I very much enjoyed Tina's post today. I have been following "The Enchanted Home" for some time and feel an affiliation for Tina, her life and beautiful home.

    I am happy to find you Veronica and thank you Tina

    Helen xx

  27. Veronica,
    YOU have an enchanted way of writing and connecting with your readers. I, for one, will be back!!!

    Tina is a doll, so talented, so gracious and so giving. I feel like she has taken us all on a journey that we otherwise would have never experienced. I'm sure many of our personal inspiration files are filled with images and ideas straight from Tina's Enchanted Home!!

    xo Elizabeth

  28. Love Tina and have enjoyed every minute following the progress of her fabulous home. You've done a wonderful job capturing the essence of her style and personality. Thanks for the great interview. I'll also enjoy coming back for more. Mona

  29. Love Tina and her blog. Have loved every minute following the building of her fabulous home. Thanks for a great interview. You have done an excellent job capturing Tina's wonderful personality. I'll enjoy coming back here for another visit as well. Mona

  30. Beautifully done, both of you !!!!

  31. This was a delightful little escape.

  32. HI VERONICA!!!!

    Oh Tina is a great pal and isn't her new home just a castle of dreams? WHAT A LOVELY display of her home and pup TEDDY!!! AND THANK YOU for coming to visit me! I am on my way out to work, but I wanted to come by to thank you for your visit. What a fun thing, this blogging, isn't it?


    Oh, I love your header too!

  33. The way ypu spoke of blogging makes me want to join in the fun, but I dont' think at this hectic ponit in my life I have the time. Maybe when we move (in June) I can start then, it does seem to bring together a very special group of people.
    Anyway, am a big fan of Tina's, her wonderful and elegant style, here outrageous home and of course cutie pie Teddy. So nice to include all of them so beautifully in this post. I loved your questions as much as I enjoyed Tina's answers!
    Thanks for putting this together, this was a really nice way to start my day. Happy Valentines day, we are off for a day of skiing (playing hooky from work) haha.
    Nice to read this Tina and nice to meet you Veronica.

  34. I have just devoured every picture...A mansion, castle! Elegant and old world, I love the pink behind the fireplace. I have to read more about this fabulous house and blog, I am headed there now, thank you for the introduction!


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