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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The pleasure of Pastels ~ Colour my World

Hi friends. I have had a fab weekend with my daughter surprising me with a visit. She flew home for the weekend from Johannesburg and my son joined us from varsity and brought a friend. My empty nest was full, the weather in Cape Town was great and we spent time outdoors having lunch in Blouberg, walking in Moullie point and it was pure bliss. The dogs were totally happy to have a house full to indulge in.

Well it is Monday night and the nest is empty again and the dogs very worried about being deserted have become clingy and I can not move without an entourage following my every move...sigh! Well, the three of us are now settled in front of the computer. Two are snoring contentedly and I am exploring the blissful calming  shades of pastel...

Thank you all for the lovely comments and new blogs you shared with me in my previous post, My French Bucket List. I thoroughly enjoyed the new blogs.

It amazes me that no matter what colour I choose to explore, mother nature always seems to provide the perfect canvas of inspiration...

a sunset...and fungi.. it looks artificial!

a flutter of delicate wings...art in motion...

or, a flower...have a look at those boots...imagine the army in pastel boots..lol. Being a magazine addict I enjoy vintage magazine covers immensely.


pretty pastel buttons ...looks good enough to eat!

Dreamy and delightful...

while we contemplate Pooh's dilemma, we will....

munch some marshmallows...

It all looks so delectable. Pastels are just pretty and girly...delicate and delightful!

This is sooo elegant... I want hats to be part of every day life again...although on second thoughts, living in a windy city....um ... I'll be chasing after my hat most times. I might have to resort to bonnets firmly tied on which would not be as elegant as this...

Even I, who never knit, want to grab the needles and knit a scarf at the very least from that wool!

These looks like art and not for eating...

Can you choose a favourite out of the colours below? Aren't they gorgeous together like that? I imagine decorating a little girl's room using all of those colours and imagine making a quilt for her bed from those...

What a cute outfit!


So, lets grab our paint brushes and decorate...

Let's paint the door pink...

What a gorgeous street... I can see myself standing out there singing " On the street where you live"..um yes...


Pastel rooms are so calming and serene...

A wonderful way to use some favourite fabrics. Looks very dreamy... look at the pastel trunk below the table.


You are all welcome to join me here at this lovely spot for a cool drink and a chat...we will never leave.

What a wonderful kitchen! Its just so feminine and inviting. I just love it and feel like baking cupcakes in there. I do not have any pastels in my own home at all and only a few items in my closet. Actually the garden is the perfect spot to explore pastels and maybe I should consider a bed of pale pink roses teamed with pale coloured irises....hmmm.. that is beginning to sound plausible....

Beautiful, isn't it?  Love the frame idea and here is the start of a girly room and nursery... Now, I only need some grand children...sigh...

Milk glass plates, bowls and cake stands and so gorgeous. This is another option for adding pastels to my home .

Perfectly inviting..

Love the colours below...

Mother nature at play again and speaking in tones of pastel this time...

Pastels goes classical.

Absolute pastel pleasure....

 These pillows are adorable. I will have all of them please..and the sofa..

Pure art... So stunning and perfectly decorated.


Billowy meringues  in shades of pastels for a party together with the above little works of art would be amazing....

Actually, I have just realised that I have some scrap book paper in pastel shades! Now, there is a plan for creating with pastels. Odd where our inspiration comes from, sometimes and I it would have taken me a long time to remember that stash of paper had I not done this pastel parade!

I hope you have enjoyed the pleasure of pastels. Have a happy week. Please leave me your thoughts below, I enjoy reading them and appreciate the time you take to visit here with me.

I am linking to a new linky party about Pinterest and music joining Natasha at Five minutes for me! Magic post on Paris over there as well as gorgeous music...



all of the above inspirational images came from pinterest.


  1. You have just shared a wonderful collection of pastels. Beautiful!

  2. What a lovely collection of pastel images. I also enjoyed your French Bucket list photos. I'm loving your blog.........I'll be a new follower, hope you'll join my list too.........

    The French Hutch

  3. THis is the second time I come visit you today. Oh yes I love pastels and your images are all gorgeous. I love the sofa and pastel goes classic most, definitely my style.

  4. Yay pastels! What a beautiful post. Pastels make me want to make beautiful cupcakes. Is that weird? :) I am stopping by from HomeSavvyAtoZ.com to return the blog love and am looking forward to perusing your site!

  5. Veronica Loved all the pastels......... inspiring... now what can I paint?

  6. I am a big fan of Printerest and I recognized many of these photos as I'm sure In pinned a few :) Pastels are so soft and sweet. I loved the way you displayed this collection.

    The Winnie the Poorh image made me smile -- my grandson recently went to the new Winnie movie --his very first movie in a theater!

  7. Thank you for dropping by my blog. I treasure your visit. I so enjoyed your post of pastels. I believe my favorites are the kitchen and the trays.
    I'll stop by again to visit!

  8. Hi Veronica~
    Your post is so yummy - I could eat it with a spoon! I think that if we have to be in the army that we should get to wear cool shoes/boots. A couple of years ago i had some deep pink boots - the kids where I work loved them. =0)
    Thank you so much for the information on the tutorial. I will take a look!

  9. I love your pastel vignettes , it is a beautiful collection

  10. Good morning from sunny England. I love pastels. Most of my home is painted in soft shades of lemon green and blue.

    The boots made me laugh because when I worked at the big garden centre I had a bit of a reputation for being a rebel...(Yes little old me)
    We had a strict uniform code company shirt blue jeans blue wet weather gear but we had to provide our own footwear. In the handbook, it stated "sturdy footwear” nothing about colour or style (you know what’s coming don't you!) I had one pastel pink boot and one duck egg blue boot. I had 2 pairs!!! Moreover, the customers loved it. Needless to say the manager was not to impressed.

    Lovely images and ideas I love the hat to.
    Have a great week

  11. I absolutely LOVE this post! I adore pastels, and you've provided images that had me oohhhing and aahhhing right down the page!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Veronica.
    I'll definitely be following!

  12. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pastel images. What lovely photos.

  13. gorgeous colours that nature has provided and that you have seen and photographed and put together for us - to make us open our eyes and look! Pastels are so soft and dreamy.
    Have a wonderful week, and thank you so much for stopping by my blog and saying hi.
    It is lovely to make a new contact on the web.

  14. Love it! There is a street in Charleston, SC, called Rainbow Row, and you would love that. And I think you would like the buildings on our street in St. Augustine. My favorite one is painted a pistachio green. :-)

    Pastels = a good thing!


    Sheila :-)

  15. Me again. Ive had a lot of fun looking thru your blog this morning and i can see there is still a lot more to enjoy. Ill be back. Fiona

  16. Loved looking at all the pastels. You are so right... they are very relaxing. I think they migh even lower ones blood pressure.

    We had a pink refridgerator and stove when I was a child.

    Reminder: The linky to my Bunny Hop party is up and running starting every Tuesday night for the Wednesday's party.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Bunny Jean's Decor and More! (my main blog)

  17. Thank you so very much for linking this to my Pinning and Singing on the weekend linky up! These images are all so pretty and I loved every single one of them. It's great to meet another Pinterest fan!

    I hope your week has been wonderful so far. I hope to see you again for this weekend's party.

    Best wishes,