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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Kids Rooms

Hi Friends! I think that I am officially broody...Yes you heard me! Broody...At this age!!! Either that or I have a bad dose of missing my kids and have decided that after two years an empty nest doesn't suite me at all! (Probably will regret that statement at some point in the future....) But maybe it was just that Pinterest was to blame!

I was looking for something else and then I came across this image...

Isn't it just gorgeous? The colour combination is delightful as is the design.
 and then I found this one...

Isn't it just darling? I absolutely can't stop looking at it... It is just cute overload....imagine all the bed time stories you can make up in there....

Queen of her very own Castle!!! Have  a look at madams pink telly!

A little lady at play and at sleep! Plumed and feathered, mirrored and quaintly feminine ...

Very stylish chandelier! Teaching them from a young age to adore the decor...I am not into green at all but I love the colour here and the combinations...

A very neutral monochrome palette and yet  so appealing with loads of interest!

A vibrant indoor tree house!

Starting the day with a fun slide down to terra firma! I can do that...great wake up call!

Everything a little lady of the world needs...neatly contained.

Gasping with pastel delight....

Going to bed here is just going to be a nightly adventure....

It seems that the sky's the limit or should it be the ocean.....


How cool is this for storing toys!

Perfectly contained!!!

The boys would be in pirate heaven!!! How cool is this?

A happy space with great colours....

The world is your oyster..my son would have loved this room. He has a thing for maps and globes!

What a grand idea for budding Picasso's...

Whimsical and a bit of magic....

See how a girl can get sidetracked.....

Anyway, I need to carry on researching the post I was busy with!

It was all Pinterest's fault...where I found all the gorgeous images....

By the way, it is a while before I can bet on any grand children....

But a gal can dream...can't I?

Happy dreaming to the empty nesters...tweet, tweet



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  1. If only I had been able to create a room full of fantasy for my daughter when she was small. These are all so magical and fun... thanks so much for sharing. hugs ~lynne~

  2. Oh my goodness I wish I was little again. Gorgeous rooms. Don't know which one I would choose..

  3. Amazing...So much creativity and inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh how I wish some of that talent could come my way. ADORABLE! I love looking at inspiring photos. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I have those days too that I blame my feelings on recently empty nest life. I miss my kids. Anyway, We'll just keep on keep'n on. Have a great day.

  5. If I was a little girl, or if rooms like this existed at that time, I would have been in Heaven with a bedroom like that, especially the one with the slide! Way cool!! xo,

  6. I love the blue built-in bunks. What a dream of a room for visiting grandchildren.

  7. Just the best eye candy I've seen all day!
    Those rooms are just like little fairy tale rooms. If only they would look that way once the "little rascals" occupied them...

    Thanks SO much for sharing these Pins on my Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party. Also for the comment of understanding on my other blog ;)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
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  8. What a great selection. My favourite is the neutral one with the metal bed. I'm not sure my kids would agree though, they would love one of the other more "fantastical" ones. Re the broodiness - I was feeling very broody - got a puppy - have had to get up a few times at night to let the pup out - broodiness all gone! You can borrow my pup for a few nights if you like :) x Sharon

  9. @ Sharon. I thought you might like that room. I have another similar room that you would enjoy! I saw your pup sharon, its adorable! Yip me thinks i need one too. When can I fetch it?...lol
    Sigh Ladies we all want to take our kids back to toddler time! Imagine us now with tots!..lol

    Have a fab day and keep dreaming!


  10. So many wonderful kids rooms...adore the one with the slide!! Isn't pininterest addicting?!

  11. Those are amazing children's rooms. I actually really like the pine bed the best, simply yet beautiful.

  12. Hi Veronica,

    Oh how I'd love to be a kid again. The room with the doors on the tree is just great fantasy.


  13. Ohhhh, that precious wonderful round bed in it's own fantasy land. Just great!!!!

  14. I can't get over those pics, the rooms look amazing. The girls room with the tree is just a dream, I am 23 and I would love to live in it lol thank you for sharing this with the world xx

  15. Wooow! Thanks for sharing these beautiful rooms.