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Friday, 17 June 2011

Introducing Basil...on Show and Tell Friday.

For my birthday, about a month ago, my lovely son bought me some coasters as a gift. I had thrown a very strong hint in the direction of these particular coasters as they feature one of my favourite characters, namely Basil by Frans Groenewald. I only wanted one or two, but to my surprise he presented me with eight which probably made quite a dent in his student pocket money allowance! But he said it included my birthday and mothers day gift in one...

Today, I am joining show and Tell Friday at a very gorgeous blog called My Romantic Home

These coasters are mini prints of his paintings. They are "quirky and tongue-in-cheek with a refreshingly humorous approach to everyday scenes"  First of all I love the vibrant colours and the clever wordplay and the humour is just wonderful. His work is often referred to as "decotainment" and it most certainly is decor with entertainment!

The very first image that I fell in love with was the now famous Vespaghetti!

My coaster above does not do it justice... have  look below! Buy it here


Ford' i fied Wines

Vin d' table

My personal favourite in the wine collection. Lady in Red.
Look at the name on the gramephone player!

The Red Light District...lol

All you knead is love..

                                 The Horse Radish Whisperer buy it here.
                                   Note the number plate!

Cat Stevens

They also come in Collections that will bring a smile or two apart from the wonderful colour! Have a look at "au Pair" in the middle

I retrieved the packaging from my coasters from the bin to have another look and discovered  that there are Coffee mugs on the way as well.

Find the contact details here. As you can see there are all kinds of lovely ways to indulge in Mr. Groenewald's art. I am currently seeking wall space for a few of these prints and  in my open plan family room and kitchen area. I was going to put a few in the scullery but think that I wouldn't want to tuck Basil away there. I would want to show him off and then where do I put the endless stream of dirty teacups in this abode...

Lastly I wanted to show you a poster that I saw at the Good Food and Wine Show also by Frans Groenewald. A lovely work of art!

I just adore the humour and Frans Groenewald must have an awesome sense of humour to come up with all these. I think it calls for a trip to his studio to find out more! His studio is located at the Lourenford Wine Estate in Somerset West.

How about this one....too funny and cute..

That's it folks. I love my coasters. Thanks B. And I really do need more of Basil in my life...

Happy Living

Taste the Wine when you go to Lourensford!



PS; Byron bought my coasters at Milieu Gift Shop in Stellenboch. No 7 Ryneveld Street

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  1. I am so excited to have stubled across your blog - at last a fellow South African! I am your newest follower. So nice to meet you. x Sharon

  2. Ahh...so you are from South Africa! And my favourite city too...second to Stellenbosch...
    Lovely post...have a super weekend!

  3. I love the one with vaspaghetti on! It gives me an Italian feeling! I'm so glad I can be of inspiration to take better photos. Thanks for your nice comment!

    Kristin xx's

  4. Just adorable! Great foodie gift idea!
    Thanks so much for supporting ON THE MENU~ I am so grateful!

  5. Well, what should I say? I just loved those illustrations... they are perfect! I had seen a couple of examples across Paris, France, las year, but I didn't took heavy thoughts about it.