~Written and edited by Veronica Clark ~

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

By Invitation Only ~ What Inspires You...

Hello Dear Friends!!!
I have had untold problems with blogger that silenced me for a while now....How I have missed all the interaction!!!
I am most grateful that all the gremlins seems to be sorted out... and not a moment to soon either, or I would have missed, yet again, posting in our monthly "By Invitation Only" hosted by Marsha from Splenderosa

The topic for this months is, "What Inspires You"
Most of my inspiration comes from this amazing place that I get to call home....Cape Town!!!
Not only is there the magnificent natural splendour and beauty to greet me every single morning but the people of this city are an inspiration as well.

No matter how life has got me down and out, when I see this view below, it always stops me in my tracks, I gasp (still, after almost 28 years) and say a prayer of thanksgiving for the wonders of nature and that God has placed me here on the tip of Africa...

I never tire of photographing it, in all its moods. It is an ever changing picture through out the day, and sometimes, I just wonder to the window to see what it looks like right now, at that moment. In fact, its a reflex action and happens a few times a day!!!

The sunsets over Table Mountain is something to behold. The looming presence of our Table is an integral part of our daily life in The Mother City. When we travel and return home you always hear the excitement of everyone looking for the mountain...

Off, course, the ocean with all it's mystique is another daily inspiration.

Do you ever look at a sunset and not dream...?
I have a huge love of warm glowy colours, as you know. Where better, than to find colour inspiration than in the sunsets of my days...
Seeing life through my camera lens is an endless inspiration....
And of course, living by the ocean we do not need much of an excuse or invitation to sip cocktails while the sun sets over our mountain and ocean...

A Fractured Sun...


The people of our city are well known for their friendly open and welcoming ways! Some of them live very simply and have few possessions, yet they greet you with smiles that can turn on the sun instantly on the grimmest of stormy winter days!!!! There ain't nothing that can beat an African smile!!!!

And going through all my photos now, I realise that I don't have enough photos of beautiful African smiles.....I have just been inspired to go out and capture a few more of those gorgeous smiles!!!
Being a gardener, I am always inspired by plants, particularly the shape, textures and fragrance of leaves...
Our floral kingdom is quite simply vast especially in the Western Cape. We are blessed with so much nature that it is difficult not to find inspiration...not only for art, photography but for daily living...

Travel inspires everyone who has a map and takes to the road, of that I am pretty sure....
One of the most inspirational moments for me was when I lay on the floor of the Duomo in Florence to study Brunelleschi's Magnificent dome....

 Breathtaking, isn't it just?
Now, where to draw the line on this topic of what inspires me....I could go on and on...
People like Madiba, Desmond Tutu, Leonard Cohen, Jack Vetrianno, my beautiful children, my son's music, poetry and specifically the slam poets, dance in all it forms, beautiful friends, fresh produce, the amazing wine lands that surrounds us...
I am truly blessed to be here at this moment in time and to be aware of the world and what inspires me to look forward to another amazing day...
The windmills of my mind is a fabulous place...a place where...Leonard Cohen tune on my lips, Vetrianno strokes my eyes, Gibran feeds my soul, Don Perignon lets me taste the stars while Pacino Tangos my feet....
Live an inspired Life
Find it all around you
Listen to the rhythm of Life
Feel the pull of Nature 
Stay Blessed
Now, hop on over to Splenderosa to find out what inspires the rest of the amazing blogettes who contribute from around the world!
Live Well
All comments about what inspres you are most welcome... i am all ears... xxx


  1. I can see your inspiration Veronica...your photograph of Brunelleschi's dome is breathtaking!
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Thank you Veronica for sharing the beauty of Cape Town we are so blessed to be part of...have a lovely day
    Hugs Colette x

  3. SO beautiful Veronica... and I can see why you are so inspired by Cape Town... It's on my must visit list... I have been to parts of South Africa but not there... and I must correct this... :) xv

  4. Veronica! Your enthusiasm for Cape Town is contagious!!! How amazing to be living exactly where you want to be and to never take it for granted...I can see why... :)

  5. I too have had problems with blogger and was infiltrated with finding an ad site in my blog roll that posted many posts and my blog felt dirty and I didn't want to be here anymore. I tried to report it but no luck. I saw on the forum others finding sites in their roll too but no one had addressed it yet. I tiptoe litely today to see if I can find some joy here again
    How beautiful was this post! And I'm finding myself with a smile on my face again and a softness in my own heart at feeling your gratitude!....very timely this message and I'm glad you posted it and said everything you did. And 'nothing like an African smile'! I agree! that one you captured is pure happiness and I look forward to more. . blessings, lady

  6. I too, can see why you love Cape Town...such an amazing place. Thanks for sharing with us. Mona

  7. Your posts just make me determined to see you city for myself. Beautiful.

  8. Now, just just totally inspired me to visit Cape Town!... My head is already trying to find a way to stop in Cape Town on my way to Botswana....Beautiful photographs. it is such a wonderful to love and be a part of the landscape of life.

  9. Oh, wow, Veronica, I believe I must come visit Cape Town and meet you. I have a friend who lives in Houston, but is from Cape Town, and he tells us of it's beauty often, but he isn't an inspired guy so it's not the same. From you, I totally get it. Leonard Cohen & African smiles. I just love it !!!

  10. Your world looks so beautiful Veronica, I have always wanted to travel to CapeTown, maybe one day I will see the beauty you share with us. Amazing photographs.
    Sending love, xx

  11. This is simply wonderful, Veronica! Wonderful and very inspiring! Inspiring for everybody to visit Cape Town....Oh, maybe one day!
    A beautiful post, filled with love and your feelings for the nature and Beauty you're surrounded with.
    Thank you !
    Greetings from the "other side of the world", the Périgord,

  12. Thanks for the reminder about what a special place we live in! Hope you are keeping well and wishing you all the very best for the year ahead. x Sharon

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