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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Winter Settles In....

Hi Everyone!!

Cape Town is looking fabulous today. It is sunny and clear but cold. Last week's solid rain is completely forgotten, but for the wonderful fragrance of damp leaves and moss.

Winter has settled in and evenings are for fireside lounging with a glass of red, a good book and snoring dogs at my feet! The only problem with that lil picture is... when the fire dies down and I have to brave the cold to put the dogs to bed in the shed outside and wait around for them to find a suitable spot for their deposits!!! No amount of encouraging helps to speed up the selection and they merely regard me with a forlorn look of slight irritation... 

Please note, that if it is raining, they both look at me as if I am completely crazy and retreat rapidly back to their snoring pad in front of the fireplace.

After locking up I race to the bathroom and hop around until my warm bubble bath is drawn!!

Now, I know that our winters simply does not compare on the scale of cold, to my friends in the Northern Hemisphere, but it is all relative...isn't it?

What a number to wrap up in for winter.... Love the warm and rich colours and hope that it is faux!! Time to whip out the  brick red lipstick which is only a good idea, in winter for me, anyway.

Where was this picture when I did my post on orange and blue??

So much to take in and so much warmth.

Mary Mc Donald

Maybe just a touch of faux fur is a better idea than a full coat. What do you think? Do you wear faux fur?

Again, just adore the colours...

Have a closer look at the painting above the fire place. It almost resembles a mirror. I adore it and would love to have it above my fireplace.

A Wonderful combination of faded denim and tweeds is just timeless and my favourite informal look. I will never forget how we used to scrub our dark jeans with a brush and vim in the days before we could actually buy faded ones!!

By the way, my best loved items in winter is my woollen hiking socks! Very unglamourous, I know.... but no one sees them in my boots! A small price to pay for toasties toes!

Gorgeous wooden panelling and textures abound creating a cosy ambiance and it would be very hard to get up from here to brave the cold outdoors for doggies call of nature....sigh!

Winter white wonders....

Whipped cream elegance ...

Love the hat, Madam...

Of course, you have seen this picture before, but I find it hard to resist! Fireside heaven...

Paris....of course...cafes, opinionated waiters and a coat to start a conversation or a mini revolution?

Chianti or Shiraz?

My style...

A bold look.

Thank you for your warm company...

Live well and keep warm



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I await your comments below..am all ears...


  1. Such beautiful pictures! I am a fan of partial fur but am usually too hot natured to wear it in Alabama heat! I can't believe it's winter there…it's hard to imagine when we are so hot here! I love all of the pictures of the interiors that you've shown! thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

  2. Fabulous images, Veronica...I love the winter white wonders...stunning!
    Should be summer here in London...although more like winter at the moment :-(

  3. Thank you for inspiring us with these beautiful images,I love the fur collar in the 3rd image-just gorgeous. have a lovely weekend Colx