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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tiny Bubbles....

Hello dear friends

Well, 2012  is off and trotting away already!  I hope that you have  had a wonderful festive season. For us in Cape Town, it only ends on the 2nd of January as we have the Cape Mistrals Carnival on what is know as the second new year. It is a very colourful event and it gives us an extra day to celebrate!

On New Years Day I had a "virtual" luncheon with a group of talented bloggy friends in Paris! A gal can and should dream at the start of a new year, and boy we did! If you missed the post please click here to see what we wore, ate and to eavesdrop on the chitter chatter.

In reality, on New Year's day, I stationed myself firmly within a two meter radius of the pool with a pile of magazines and some bubbly. No, not Paris for sure ... but not a bad deal either! A most relaxing day lying in the sun, reading and listening to the birds and a good deal of daydreaming since I has just done
 the post on Paris!
Pure Bliss...

As I was sipping my champagne,  lazily lounging about, I contemplated my glass of tiny bubbles. It was not the first glass of the day either and I decided that it needed a bit of colour, so I trotted off to the fridge and popped two raspberries into the glass. It looks divine and the tiny bubbles enfold the raspberries as they plop into the glass in a fizzy whirl floating on air.  As you sip and  get closer to the bottom a whiff of raspberry assails your nose and finally you get the flavour of the fruit in the last few sips. Lastly, of course, you pop each  fizzy berry onto your tongue and...bliss...

Now, as I mentioned in my post A Splash of Red my favourite summer tipple is strawberry puree topped with champagne. It looks so summery. I find it refreshing and I also love the fragrance of the strawberries. Just take a look.. festive delight in a glass! Who could resist, presented with a glass of this?

If you are going to try this at home...a warning please...
(I got an email from a friend who had a petite explosion)

Pour the puree or strawberry juice into the glass and then please tilt and then slowly, I repeat, slowly... top with champagne.. Oui, the dog got a fair share of her precious tipple and was most pleased...

Around here, we do not need much of an excuse or any particular "occasion" to indulge in a glass of bubbles. And we're not to fuzzy about which label is best. In fact, my favourite is a local  called "La Domaine" from The House of JC Le Roux. Heck folks, a wind free summer's day in Cape Town is reason enough to break out the bubbly. Practically living in the vineyards , we have to support the local business, you understand? Good, now that that is settled...

... and we all have a drink, how about looking in the closet?

It seems, champagne is a good companion all round, even glaming up a pair of jeans !

Oh, and can you ever have too many shoes?
Take a closer look at these babies...

I have a similar pair of earrings that often adorn my ears and they are timeless.

I am sure that this line has been used a few times...

Look at the gate...

... and, what do you think about a gown like this? Not to mention the setting...

The art of pouring a glass...
In our exuberant youth we had very little regard for the etiquette of opening a bottle of champagne. All we were interested in, is the delightful pop of the cork and the fact that the cork took off like a missile in a graceful arch elicited squeals of laughter and sheer delight!
Someone always ran to retrieve the cork, while the other ducked for cover!


A true connoisseur would be most disapproving of our lack of good manners and would never allow a champagne cork to become a missile.

So, to open a bottle in good company, gently peel of the foil to expose the wire encasing the cork. Remove the wire with care, hold the bottle by its neck in your right hand, with your thumb lightly holding the cork. Now, keep calm and turn the bottle with your left hand until the cork starts to release and thus you can guide it out with perfect control. If you have done it all to the letter, your ears would meet with an enchanting poof and not a loud pop!!

Why the bother do you ask?

Well, there is always a reason, isn't there?

When you release the cork rapidly and too much gas escapes the bubble count is greatly reduced!

Reason enough?

Raspberry fizzzzz

Huh? with a straw??

The term, elegantly wasted comes to mind....


No, madame, behave yourself , please!

There are uses for the corks as well as the metal encasing, as you can see.

A confession, would be in order, right about now...

I had a very obstinate cork to deal with on New Year's Day and no help was about. I wrestled the wayward cork into submission and it managed to launch itself right onto the roof! Good  glory, I was so relieved to have the bottle open that I clean forgot that a low bubble count would be  most embarrassing  and a total faux pas, hence the added raspberries to remedy the situation.




for all these gorgeous images

pour yourself another glass...

...and toast all the photographers...

and dear pinners who pinned them...

for our enjoyment....

Now, that that is done, you may regale me with your comments

Thank you for your company!

Who ever said, it's not okay to drink champagne on your own?

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  1. Dear Veronice, looooove this post and that first image is to die for! Happy New Year!!


  2. Love this ode to the bubbly...and how I love it too! And sitting poolside with a glass, what could be better! I love the outfit above and think I might love the gown even more:) All beautiful!

  3. Dear Veronika, I could have written the above, only we are in the middle of winter. No poolside, however, a large pond behind our house is perfect for letting champagne corks fly. Have you noticed that champagne likes to fill the glass with froth when the glass has not been chilled properly?
    Have plopped a few raspberries into my champagne at times and it tasted exactly as you have described...you have written it so perfectly that I could almost taste it.
    Happy New Year! Warm regards, Gina.

  4. What a lovely trip down Champagne Lane! Beautiful and informative too. I'm going to try adding raspberries when they're next in season!

  5. That has left me with a very strong urge for something elegantly bubbly!

  6. Applause, applause!

    Your posts are like a short movie. You surely put much thought into them!

  7. Brilliant! "Elegantly wasted" is going to be my new catch phrase for 2012! Happy New Year to you to. xx Sharon

  8. What a fun blog! I just came over from My Romantic Home. Luv the bubbly and you've given it a great tribute here. I'll come back. South Africa seems like an intriguing place. Here in the USA, I remember seeing coastal images in the famous Bruce Brown surfing movies of the 60s...places like Durban. It was all so beautiful and beachy with remarkable sunsets.

  9. What a fun post Veronica. Out of all these beautiful images, my eye keeps going back to the macaroons. What does that tell ya. lol

  10. What Festive Inspiration these Images impart!

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. Wow! It's a bit early but I'm ready for that glass of champagne! Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing it was a delightful post!