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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Mantel Mania....

Hello dear friends... The Christmas decor is unpacked and strewn all over the House Tassels...!!! I have the hall decked and the living room and that's about it...and then I got distracted by Blogland and the Mantel Party...

Now, confession time...

I do not have a mantel!

  No, not even one...:((...

 I have always wanted a mantel... in fact, it was on my Wish list when we renovated our house. But, since  we live in a climate where fireplaces are not really a necessity, but an indoor braai (BBQ) is a standard  feature, it is not odd that I don't have a mantel, however the desire remains... strongly, might I just add.

 In Cape Town, the South Easter blows in summer and can scupper any well laid plans for a braai (BBQ) in moments. And for those who might not know, in South Africa you do not come between a man and his BBQ or rather braai. We talking religion here, folks...

 During the renovations I wanted to have a large fireplace installed with a steel contraption that could convert the fireplace, which naturally would have had a mantel, to the requisite BBQ. But alas, I lost the battle with the now former Mr. Tassels. So the ugly looking BBQ  got installed, and I thought that I would wait and suggest a faux mantel atop the BBQ, but no go!!! So that is my sad tale...however, I was not about to miss the Christmas Mantel Party and so I turned to good ol Pinterest to choose my favourite mantels to share here with you.

One of these might be your mantel....
So, joining From My Front Porch To Yours First Annual Christmas Mantle Party here.
 My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia here

Please join us over there, you wouldn't want to miss anything...

What a lovely room and the nest of table are gorgeous, as well.

Love the red and the shapes...

We are supposed to be looking at the mantel and it is de lovely but how about that clock,as well?

Now, which wall could I paint red...?

Simple and oh so stylish...

Of course, here Christmas is all about sea, sand and sun... but this winter mantel is magical....

...and now, for a bit of whimsical colour and fun...

The whole room is just perfect for Christmas cheer.

I might be developing a case of "mantel mania"... I need to install my faux mantel to cure it....

Pure pleasurable sighs are being omitted at this sight of festive delight...sigh

Romantic candles...

Welcome to Christmas wonderland... tiptoe in silently and just sit and take it all in....


I absolutely love pomegranates and the colour when they are cut open to reveal the rubies...

I hope that next year I will be able to share my very own mantel...sigh

In the meantime....

Please enjoy your mantel and spare a thought for my bout of mantel mania....

Live this week with Festive Cheer, Joy and Peace...



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  1. The inspiration photos are all beautiful. So many good idea to think about! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I, also, no longer have a mantle. I had one in my old flat, but this one, sadly, is lacking a fireplace. I have a fire-pit on my balcony, but of course it is not something I can decorate. I long to adorn a space above a lovely crackling fire with all the beauty of the season.
    I guess I'll just manage to have Christmas without that pleasure. Oh well, have a lovely Christmas.

  3. mmm some lovely mantels here, hard to choose a favorite..I do like the one with the little row of trees and promegrenates, but the second from last image with all green and white also takes my fancy....hugs Colette

  4. Oh my gosh,they're all so pretty, but I think I like the first one the best (I think)It's hard to choose just one. Ok, I like the 12th one too. So cozy. Have a great week.

  5. Each and every mantel is gorgous! Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  6. Gorgeous pics, I have some of these on my Pinterest but others I've never seen. I haven't got a mantel either, so I faked it this year and used a dresser! Have a Merry Christmas!

  7. Veronica thanx for coming to the party! May Santa one day bring u your very own mantle! Happy holidays!

  8. Each and every mantel is exquisite, Veronica, and lovely inspiration! I would have a hard time choosing a favorite. I do not have a fireplace in my home either..but hopefully one day I'll move to a house that has one.

  9. You picked some lovelies! Thanks for sharing.
    Merry Christmas

  10. What great inspiration you gathered. Thank you so much for sharing, I will be finishing my mantel tomorrow.

  11. I think mantel mania hss spread....I want one too! Beautiful!!!!!all of them.

  12. I feel like I am under utilizing my mantle! This has given me quite a bit of inspiration.

  13. Veronica, I am sitting here drooling all over my lap top! These are all gorgeous. Thank you for stopping by my place, I am your latest follower.

  14. I have given up any semblance of Christmas decorating. We opt to keep things super simple with just the treasures of the garden to add magic to our whole experience. These gorgeous pictures you've shared do take my breath away, but they no longer seem right for our summer heat. Superb, naturally, in cold Northern hemisphere climes :)

  15. Me again! Thank you very much for identifying that glorious tree at La Brie...now we know...a Boerboom :)

  16. Hi Veronica ... Thank you so much for identifying my mystery plant from our daughter's garden in coastal British Columbia, Canada. We really appreciate it. I' off to look around your blog. Have a great day.

  17. What beautiful mantels you shared with us! I bet you could find a spot in your house to decorate as you would a mantel...even the top of a dresser would work. Thanks for visiting me!

  18. Beautiful inspiration mantels. Makes me wish I had one in every room!

  19. I honestly do not know which one of the inspiration images I would choose! Love them all.