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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ellen Maud's Winter Garden ~ Aflame in Fiery Colour!

Hi Everyone!

I am ensconced at my desk and wrapped in a furry blanket. The world outside my window is wet wet and wet!

A few days ago, I photographed my friend, Ellen-Maud's amazing  garden. Her of the "My Fabulously Talented Friend's are Bloomin Marvellous" post who gifted me that magnificent bouquets...

Now, as you can imagine, two such talented ladies are bound to have beautiful homes and of course, beautiful gardens.

Ellen-Maud's garden is a symphony of form, shape, texture and  colour. During winter it becomes the star attraction of the neighbourhood when all the various aloes burst into flame!!

Just take a peek...

Amazing, isn't is just?
Come stroll with me and let us take a closer look...

A magnificent specimen, don't you think??
Shown off to perfection against the face brick wall.

And, below, all aflame are the stars of winter, the aloes.
No dreary winter blues for this garden!

Agave Attentuta is always obliging, year round in any garden and falls firmly into my category of Designer Plants!! Always photogenic as well, no matter what the weather is up to. I can never tire of the magnificent flamboyant whorls!

Another legend, Mother - Law's - Tongue / Sanseveria tries to muscle into the frame!

Large boulders and rock accentuates the colours and texture's of the Bromelias and other more dainty additions like the local  blue Felicia which Ellen-Maud has used with great affect.

And, no, these were not resident rocks either, Ellen-Maud had them hauled in with earth moving equipment by a friend down the road!!

Layer upon layer of interest

Aloes are as showy in bud as they are in bloom and of course create a haven for the birds.

Amazing contrast in colours and form creates visual impact no matter where your eye chooses to explore.

The cones of the Cycad adds an impact of note!

Even in a garden a touch of black can make all the difference!

One never knows which to admire first the leaves or the bloom!

Yes, of course I ran my fingers over the leaves!!

Textural perfection fused with a rainbow of colour.

Call me Miss Octupussy!

Just majestic and our other friend Linda, also from the Bloomin Marvellous Post !!! painted this magnificent specimen and I will show that to you in my next post! Two truly talented gals!

Loving the whimsical touch  and shape of the terracotta containers.

Mother-in-law puts in a fine performance even when she is a background subject...um.. for a change!

Don't you just love the colour of the dried fronds? And it is as if the fuchsia pink of the bromeliads just highlights it!

  Since I have taken these pics, last week the garden has already changed with new blooms opening and I will be back and equally snap happy. I blame blogging, but I know that its is an affliction that many of you share with me, so I am in safe hands here!!

In another section of the garden an old chippy pot adds character and becomes a focal point. Please note the shape, colour and form of the leaves in the background!

Who needs flowers? You can not but wonder, was this happy profusion planned or accidental? Which ever it was it's visual impact is implicit!

Did you spot the bird's nests in the tree?

I had so much fun and enjoyment from photographing this garden. The diverse beauty to be found here is endless and I am looking forward to returning.

Thank you to Ellen-Maud for creating a paradise and for allowing me to share it with all of you.

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Thank you for your precious company

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  1. Oh my! This was beautiful! It's so different from the gardens I usually see and I loved all of the different plants, colors, textures, etc… Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. OMG I had no idea aloe would bloom let alone like that it's gorgeous! We had gardens like that when I lived in Arizona but I really don't remember our aloes blooming like that. You're lucky to have succh a generous friend!

    Hugs to you Veronica!

  3. It's winter here in Brisbane too, so I am wrapped up too (in my fluffy red dressing gown). Little happening in my garden at the moment, except for the aloes, but mine are young and few in number; nothing like this brilliant display!

  4. It's so funny to hear about winter when it is so hot here but that vegetation is glorious!

  5. What a wonderful garden and I adore your images.